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“My name is now”, Elza Soares

 “My name is now” – this phrase from the singer, Elza Soares, sums up how well-known and respected is the artist with a more than 50-year career and the woman who has suffered all kinds of prejudice. “Filming in my house with me in the kitchen ... I deserve to live, to be happy. The film is also going to show a fragile woman who cries, sings, shouts with the mirror. My intense and compulsive side”, says the singer.

Elza Soares has a respected artistic life in Brasil and in the world, and the Brazilian cinema has counted with her talent several times. This Project of a feature film she has been developing since 2008 with the filmmaker Elizabete Martins Campos has a special touch because “it´s not a film about Elza´s life. It´s a film she is living in” says Elizabete, the film maker.

According to Elizabete, the film is being produced with an intense work of art and fiction to show Elza Soares, her facets, artistic dialogues, with extreme care of sound and image catchment.

Another aspect of the project  “Elza Soares – A Voz do Brasil” is that it is a multiplatform. “We are working to create an interaction with the audience, such as in choosing the title. Besides, we aim to launch campaigns during the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016 which will happen in Brazil.” Says  Elizabete.

Produced by  IT Filmes, Comunicação e Entretenimento, and approved by Agência Nacional de Cinema – Ancine (National Cinema Agency), in accordance with the SALIC - 09-0399, the film is being sponsored by Banco BMG, supported by Prefeitura Municipal de Betim ( Betim City Hall), FUNARBE ( the artistic-cultural foundation of betim), the producers, Pivetz, Studio Cerri and is still looking for partners and sponsors for production, filming, finishing and distribution in Brazil and abroad.

According to Elizabete Martins Campos,” working with a subject such as Elza Soares, who brings the music ready, is very stimulating. It is very important to count on a person with such an experience and so creative. Our wish is to expand this musical potential to the cinema.”, she claims.

For the film´s prizewinner art director, Alonso Pafyeze, Elza´s speech is the music, “it´s where she directs everything. Elza Soares is a powerful figure, a Diva. I see her on a throne. Looking at the lenses. The film is part of her stomach out of her body.  The movie is inside.”, He says.

Elza Soares attracts many people and good working people as her partners Luiz Melodia, Chico Buarque, João de Aquino, Lobão, Wilson das Neves, Arnaldo Antunes, Fred 04, Teuda Bara e Inês Peixoto do Grupo Galpão, Tutti Maravilha, Arry Barroso, Mané Garrincha, Ruy Castro, José Louzeiro,  Louis Armstrong and many others.

Elza Soares touches what is in the Brazilian soul and blood. By marrying Mané Garrincha, she also made the marriage of football and samba. These two are the most sacred and  profane expressions of the Brazilian soul. 

Em 2010, Elza was chosen as the godmother of the battery of  Escola de Samba Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel and in 2012 she was the theme of the Samba School, Unidos da Cabuçu, in Rio de Janeiro, when she was the main celebrity in the parade.

In the USA, she is known as the Queen of Samba and is called “my daughter” by Louis Armstrong. In fact, she lived in the States, Argentina, Italy and France, where she made many friends and fans.

In 2000, the highlight came as she was elected by the British BBC as the Singer of the Millenium.

Fragile and strong at the same time. Natural and supernatural in front of the camera. With a very poor childhood, Elza Soares went through all kinds of sorrow. However, she was never befeated, and, on the contrary she has always overcome all her dificulties. She is the Brazil that wins which is so in vogue in this century. The Brazil which is the cover of The Economist.

Elza is a woman who sees the slave quarters from the front because she knows what it is to be free. She is a woman who manages to be young her entire life, physical and psicologically.

Elizabete Martins Campos  worked as producer, reporter and video reporter for Rede Minas / TV Cultura for four years. Her debut in cinema with the film “Feira Hippie” ( Hippie Market) a 52 minute film, aired by Canal Brasil. She produced and directed “Que Coso”, a short film which estabilishes a dialogue with “Vidas Secas”, from  filmmaker  Nelson Pereira dos Santos.  In the Elza Soares project – A Voz do Brasil she is  the producer, screenwriter and director. Graduated in social communication, she also studied other subjects such as “Cinema Expandido”(Expanded Cinema)  and  “Montagem” (Assembly) at UFMG. She is the co-director of  Mostra Udigrudi de Animação (Udigrudi Animation Show)
Info and contacts: 
elzasoaresfilme@itcanal.com e itcanal@itcanal.com 
 55 31 30755088 e 93017320

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